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“It's not often that you'll see a realtor write a glowing review for a fellow realtor (often viewed as direct competition), but in this case I felt it was absolutely necessary! Brenda went above and beyond in every facet to help our transaction get to the finish line. We had a tough sale where I was representing a daughter who was the seller of her parents' home in an estate sale. She did not live in the area and it was an emotional sale. And, because of the situation where the home had been neglected due to health issues the last few years, the home needed some TLC. She navigated that situation with her buyers masterfully. Furthermore, the home did not comply with FHA Guidelines initially so our deal was in jeopardy, but she again did a great job of helping us renegotiate the terms so both sides could get to the end goal. I can't say enough about Brenda for her professionalism, work ethic, and her warm personality. If you're working with Brenda, you're with one of the best realtors in our business!”– Ryan P.

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“Brenda helped me purchase a lot and also helped me navigate thru county red tape. Without her, I would have given up.” – User